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Premium Lory Food!

Looking for the best-made-to-order fresh food for your lorikeet? Look no further than Lories Choice! We're a small Texas-based business that is dedicated to providing the freshest high quality food for your feathered friend. With timely shipping and a one-year shelf life, you can be sure that your lorikeet is getting the best of the best.


Who We Are

Bulk orders of 50lbs+ get FREE Shipping within the US!

Retailers, ask about our wholesale pricing!

Our Goal

At Lories Choice, we know how important it is to provide your lories and lorikeets with high-quality nutrition that can help support their health and longevity. Our formulas were crafted with the expertise of the largest lory breeder in the United States. We believe in bringing the best food to the market to ensure your birds' overall well-being. Supporting the preservation and conservation of captive bred species, we also sell to zoos & exhibits.

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