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A Lory's Diet



  Lories & Lorikeets in the wild feed primarily on Nectar, fruit and pollen. Their digestive systems are different from other parrot species, in that they are short and have fast transit times to excrete projectile droppings. These birds are equipped with brush like fibers located at the tip of their tongue, which they use to gather contents.  They have also been noted to consume some insects and vegetable matter.



Our Diets


  So little is known about everything these nectar eating parrots consume in the wild. Our diets are based on what we do know how these birds should be fed. We carefully chose ingredients we know to be beneficial to their health, and that are based off of crop contents found in wild birds. Unlike other commercial nectar formulas, we added more enrichment items to peak your birds interest, while maintaining safe iron levels. Flower petals, fruit bits, leaves/stems! Our cuisine diet also contains coconut palm sugar! Coconut palm sugar is a super food loaded with vitamins. It is also low glycemic. Many lory species feed on coconut palm shoots in the wild, feeding on the nectar and pollen.  Lories require a high moisture diet, and we always recommend feeding a wet diet, versus a complete dry diet or pellet diets.  All of our ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers, and are human grade.

A Lorie's Diet: About Us
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